PictureNook - easy to use, feature rich web gallery generator

If you plan to create image gallery for your website, you can do it with PictureNook - new powerful web gallery generator. Download and use it for free!!!
PictureNook screenshot, main view
  • 14 preinstalled gallery layouts
  • 5 preinstalled gallery styles
  • Ability to create your own gallery layouts and styles
  • Slideshow
  • Picture watermarks
  • Text signatures
  • Multi-level galleries
  • Content pages with pictures collage
  • Rename/Resize/Rotate/Rearrange pictures
  • Text descriptions/notes
  • Deploy gallery to folder/FTP
  • What you see is what you get interface
  • Google ads ready

Three steps to create your web gallery with PictureNook

I. Select your photos
Press "Open folder..." button on PictureNook tool bar and choose a folder with your photos.
Select photos
II. Add your photos to the gallery
Navigate mouse pointer on the picture and click on the double arrow graphical pop-up menu item to move your photos from PictureNook folder pane to gallery view.
Add pictutes to PictureNook gallery view
III. Deploy to web site via FTP or store locally
Press "Deploy..." button on PictureNook tool bar and publish your gallery to web site or store locally with aid of PictureNook gallery deployment wizard.
Deploy gallery wizard

Web gallery samples created with aid of PictureNook

Please take a look at PictureNook work samples:
Retro - antique beauty Web gallery sample (Retro gallery layout) Blog - yes, you can create blog now! Web gallery sample (Blog gallery layout) Photo - strict simplicity Web gallery sample (Photo gallery layout)
NOTE: this site is another work sample of PictureNook. It has been created with aid of PictureNook custom gallery layout. You can make your own unique custom web gallery layout too. Read more how to create custom gallery layout....

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