Russian landscape
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XIX century
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The pine tree. Ivan Shishkin February, 1891
A lonely pine is standing In the North where high winds blow. He sleeps; and the whitest blanket wraps him in ice and snow.
Heinrich Heine
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Golden Autumn Isaac Levitan September, 1895
O drear and cheerless time, you charm the eye and tender Contentment to the heart. How wondrous to behold Your dying beauty is, the lush and sumptuous splendour Of nature's farewell bloom: the forests clad in gold
Alexander Pushkin
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The Sea. The Crimea. Arkhip Kuinji August,1898
Farewell, free element, o Sea! For one last time I watch your tide Roll azure waves in front of me And shine in beauty full of pride.
Alexander Pushkin

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Winter Alexey Savrasov January, 1873
Cold frost and sunshine: day of wonder! But you, my friend, are still in slumber...
Alexander Pushkin
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Above eternal peace. Isaac Levitan June, 1894
Thou dost not in spring, vast Volga, Flood the fields along thy strand As our nation's flood of sorrow, Swelling, overflows the land.
Nickolay Nekrasov

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Oaks in Old Peterhof Ivan Shishkin July, 1891
And a sweet voice singing love songs o'er me, Day and night enchantingly serenading. And a dark oak arches high above me With its everlasting green leaves rustling
Mikhail Lermontov
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The Brig Mercury Ivan Aivazovsky April, 1848
A lonely sail is flashing white Amdist the blue mist of the sea!... What does it seek in foreign lands? What did it leave behind at home?..
Mikhail Lermontov
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Rainbow Alexey Savrasov May, 1875
I so adore spring first storms pouring At the beginning of bright May - The thunders rumble all the morning, In the blue sky they frolic, play.
Fedor Tutchev
8 pictures
Russian landscape
XIX century

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